About the Author

Who am I?  Well, I am guessing that I am, or at least was, a little like you.  You see, I started a business because I had an idea that was so compelling I simply had to build a business to go after it.  So, on one dark January day I set out, full of dreams (and little else) to make my mark on the world.

Reality set in quick for me, though. I found that I was way over my head running my business.  Not only that, I was now working for the hardest boss I had ever had, myself.  I was working 90+ hour weeks just to keep the thing going, yet the business always seemed to be teetering on the precipice of its own destruction.  It wasn’t until a major health scare that I finally figured out that I needed to wise-up and be much smarter about what I was doing.

Over the next six months I transformed my business into a well-oiled machine.  I was able to automate the operation enough to be able to move to a home office, with only needing to be on-site in the business 3-5 hours a week.  Coming off of 90+ hour weeks, this felt like a vacation.

Over the next several years I tweaked my new formulas to make the business run as well, and as low-stress, as possible.  Over the course of this transformation, I took something that was a huge cause of stress in my life and I turned it in to something that was one of the biggest causes of joy in my life.  I was able to break free from the bondage of an unsustainable job that I had put myself in, and I learned how to get my life back.

Also over the course of this transition I did a lot of volunteer work with business owners who had the same problems.  After going through such a horrendous experience, it was my mission to try and help as many others (to hopefully save them from the same agony that I had just gone through) as possible.  Since the experience of running my business had been so traumatic, I just could not let this new-found knowledge of how to fix it just live in my head.  I needed to reach out and spread this new knowledge around as much as possible.

After working with dozens of small business owners on these topics, I put together a five-week class of all of the most common questions I received.  It seemed that most small businesses owners had a lot in common, so I built a class to address the most common, and serious, problems I saw.  I taught that class to business owners and it was through the teaching of this material that this book came into being.  That is, this book is the culmination of honing this material down through teaching it in class-form to business owners.

It is my sincere wish that you find value in what you read here.  Please contact me if you feel you have a question I have not addressed in the book, or on the blog.  I wish you the best in running your business.  Take care.


John Coleman