So, here you are, running your own business, living the dream.  Yes sir, you stepped into the void with nothing more than an idea of how things could be and worked to make it so.  You have seized your own destiny, embracing your own freedom.  Good for you.

But, maybe this wild ride isn’t the one you signed up for. Maybe you have traded in a bad job for a worse one.  Maybe you have traded in a bad boss for the worst boss (you).  Maybe you are working harder than you ever have with less to show for it.  Maybe you are just completely dissatisfied with what you have created.  Maybe you have reached a limit that you cannot figure out how to overcome.

If any of the above conditions are true, it is my hope you will find some value in this book.

Ok, a little about me (for more about me, check out the “My Story” chapter).  First, I am someone who does not put a lot of faith in academic explanations of topics.  I prefer a real-life, clear discussion of topics from someone who has actually been there.  I believe there is a place for theory, but invariably I come back to the real-world, pragmatic sources of information again and again.  I also believe in being short and sweet, putting ideas out there and letting you use them in a way that fits your situation.

I am someone who has lived through every condition in the second paragraph.  I am someone who has started with just a little more than idea and has turned it into a successful business.  I am someone who has touched the pure misery that a poorly executed business can create.

I am one of the survivors, who has lived through all of the pain and suffering a bad business experience can give, and I have come back to help others find their way through their own personal darkness.  At the very least, I hope that I can be a symbol of hope.  That something different is possible.  That it is possible to achieve different results, and have a different experience.  That most of this change simply starts with doing some things (usually a lot of things) differently.

I wrote this book with the busy, over-worked business owner in mind.  The chapters are short and concise, and each chapter is written to be self-contained.  You can read the book cover to cover if you want to, or just hop around from one random chapter to the next.  It makes no difference.  Use the book in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

I am not big of formulas, and when I read a business book, I am not looking for someone to tell me all the answers.  Being an entrepreneur, I like to find my own answers.  What I appreciate are innovative concepts or explanations that help me understand my problems, or my opportunities, better than I did before.  Personally, I find the books that succinctly present potential opportunities for change to be of the most value, and I have tried to emulate this style here.  I like to spend my time thinking about the concepts a book has presented as well as how I might be able to tweak those concepts to fit my situation.  Because, in my experience, most problems are contextual and one-size-fits-all formulas usually are not the most effective solutions possible.

It is my hope that you find the information in this book useful.  And, since I am not one for long, boring, introductions, let’s get to doing something about your business.